Hello dear visitors I‚Äôm Mr.Dushan fixed matches dealler on Global-fixed-matches company registered in Macedonia . Thousand‚Äôs satisfied costumers cooperate with us since 2005 personality and now online. Finnaly we open site there to help more people. I can say that our work is 100% safe and every costumer can have work at home and be rich for only 90 minutes. Our managers are available from Monday to Saturday from 8AM to 5PM to recieve a payment. .Thank’s a lot for visiting this site, our company can give a quarantee to all costumers that if something with fixed match go wrong (maybe weather cinditions) and if costumer can’t wait start match, manager who recieved money from him will send back his money. Our company have fixed matches but costumers who can’t start business with fixed matches can play predictions from our tipsters who have too much experience. Also every visitor can join to our VIP group with only 230 euros per month. I quarantee for good profit from VIP group too, than every member from VIP group who had financiall problems before, can buy match from us and finnaly he can start business with us. So don’t lose wish that you can’t start business with fixed matches for us if you have financiall problems and if you can’t buy our fixed matches. Every buyer should send money for reservation for match before match start to proof that he is serious and to proof that he will not sharing our fixed matches.


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A game in September 1865 which resulted in a 23‚Äď11 victory for the¬†Eckford of Brooklyn¬†over the¬†New York Mutuals¬†was fixed according to confessions by those involved. Mutuals¬†catcher¬†Bill Wansley¬†was approached by gambler Kane McLoughlin to throw the game for $100. Wansley enlisted the help of the Mutuals¬†third baseman¬†Ed Duffy¬†who agreed to participate if they included¬†shortstop¬†Tom Devyr. Wansley took the two players by¬†wagon¬†to the¬†Hoboken Ferry¬†where the payment was divided. Duffy and Devyr both received $30 each and Wansley kept $40 for himself. The fielding of those in on the fix‚ÄĒparticularly Wansley’s performance‚ÄĒwas so poor that rumors of a fix began almost instantly. Wansley had so many¬†passed balls¬†during the game that he was moved to¬†right field¬†in the seventh inning.¬†Henry Chadwick¬†wrote about the game for the¬†New York Clipper¬†and defended Wansley against the fixing allegations. Mutuals players who were not in on the fix became suspicious of Wansley and accused him of “wilful and designated inattention”. After a formal investigation, Wansley admitted to the fix and the three players were banned from organized baseball. Devyr was allowed to return in 1867 for a short time before two complaints from opposing teams were filed against the Mutuals. In December 1867 the baseball’s¬†National Commission¬†voted to reinstate Devyr. Duffy returned to the Mutuals in 1868, but was not reinstated by the National Commission, which led to one of the Mutuals opponents to file a complaint to void the games Duffy appeared in. The complaint was successful and the Mutuals were briefly expelled from organized baseball. The final convention of the amateur baseball National Commission was held on November 30, 1870. At the convention, Mutuals president John Wildly motioned to reinstate Wansley to good standing which was approved.

On July 24, 1873¬†umpire¬†Bob Ferguson¬†declared a game between¬†Baltimore Canaries¬†and the¬†New York Mutuals¬†fixed by gamblers. Ferguson went into the stands to confront the gamblers following the game and then went back down to the field to confront players he believed were in on the fix. Two of the Mutuals players‚ÄĒJohn Hatfield¬†and¬†Nat Hicks‚ÄĒbegan accusing each other of being in on the fix. Hicks eventually grabbed a¬†baseball bat¬†and struck Ferguson in the arm which caused it to break. Ferguson, who was also a player as well as an umpire, was unable to play for one year because of the injury. No actions were taken against Hicks or any other player.

In 1875, the¬†St. Paul Red Caps¬†and the¬†Winona Clippers¬†split a two-game championship series. Rumors gained steam after the series that two Clippers players‚ÄĒFrank Smith and W. W. Fisher‚ÄĒhad worked with gamblers to fix the games. Fisher signed a confession that he accepted $250 from an unidentified gambler.

In 1877, four players for the¬†Louisville Grays¬†were banned from organized baseball for¬†throwing games.¬†Louisville Courier-Journal¬†sports writer¬†John Haldeman, whose father¬†Waltesr Haldeman¬†owned the team, became suspicious of the play of the four members of the Grays and began writing in his columns that he believed the players were purposefully losing. His columns led to a formal investigation and four players‚ÄĒJim Devlin,¬†George Hall,¬†Al Nichols¬†and¬†Bill Craver‚ÄĒwere banned from organized professional baseball for life. Carver’s involvement in the plot is debated by baseball historians including Bob Bailey for the¬†Society of American Baseball Research.

In 1882, due to his associations with gamblers,¬†National League¬†umpire¬†Dick Higham¬†was¬†banned from organized baseball for life. The information was uncovered by¬†private investigators¬†hired by owners of the¬†Detroit Wolverines, who suspected Higham of fixing games. In 1908,¬†National League¬†umpires¬†Jim Johnstone¬†and¬†Bill Klem¬†reported to the league office that they were approached before a make-up game between the¬†Chicago Cubs and the New York Giants¬†and offered money to fix the game. The make-up game was on account of a baserunning mistake by¬†Fred Merkle¬†known as “Merkle’s Boner”.

An¬†American League¬†game on September 25, 1919 between the¬†Detroit Tigers¬†and¬†Cleveland Indians¬†was fixed according to letters ascertained by league president¬†Ban Johnson¬†in 1926. The letters were between Detroit¬†outfieder¬†Ty Cobb¬†and Cleveland outfielder¬†Smokey Joe Wood. They were sold to Johnson by¬†pitcher¬†Dutch Leonard¬†who was one of the four players in on the fix along with Cobb, Wood and Cleveland¬†player-manager¬†Tris Speaker. According to Leonard, Cobb suggested the players place bets on the game which they had already agreed to fix. Cobb denied placing any bets, but did confess to being involved in the fix. According to a retrospective of events by the¬†Chicago Tribune¬†in 1989, Leonard went to Johnson with the letters in 1926 after he became embittered at Cobb and Wood whom he felt had a hand in ending his career early. Johnson initially turned Leonard away and he went to Detroit owner¬†Frank Navin¬†with the letters. Navin advised Johnson to make a payment to Leonard to keep the letters from going public. Johnson then agreed to pay Leonard $20,000 for the letters. Following the 1926 season, Johnson called a secret meeting with Cobb and Speaker, who were the managers of their respective teams. Johnson laid out the facts and advised the men to resign their positions as managers, which both did. Cobb and Speaker both retired from playing in 1928 and neither took another managerial job.¬†The¬†Associated Press broke the story on December 21, 1926. In 1919, gamblers bribed several members of the¬†Chicago White Sox¬†to throw the¬†World Series. This became known as the¬†Black Sox Scandal¬†and was recounted in book and movie form as¬†Eight Men Out.Following the 1919¬†Pacific Coast League¬†(PCL) season,¬†first baseman¬†Babe Borton¬†alleged that as a member of the pennant winning¬†Vernon Tigers, he was party to pay-offs to all other PCL teams to ensure they would lose to Vernon. Borton alleged that every member of the Tigers pooled their money to make the pay-offs. Nate Raymond of¬†Seattle, Washington¬†was responsible for the payments according to Borton.¬†Seattle Indians¬†first baseman Rod Murphy alleged that Raymond offered him a $2,000 bribe during the 1920 season and confided that during the 1919 season he won $50,000 from gambling on fixed PCL games. Ultimately no player was charged with fixing games because there were no state statutes that were violated. The PCL banned several players for life, but some like¬†Bill Rumler was reinstated after several years. On September 27, 1924, before a game between the¬†New York Giants¬†and the¬†Philadelphia Phillies, Giants backup¬†outfielder¬†Jimmy O’Connell¬†approached Phillies¬†shortstop¬†Heinie Sand¬†with a $500 bribe for to throw the game. If the Giants beat the Phillies it would have clinched them the¬†National League¬†pennant¬†and a trip to the¬†World Series. Sand rejected the offer and reported the incident which made its way up to the¬†Commissioner of Baseball¬†Kenesaw Mountain Landis. O’Connell confessed that he did attempt to bribe Sand, but contended Giants coach¬†Cozy Dolan¬†had put him up to it. Landis suspended O’Connell and Dolan from¬†organized baseball for life. On June 5, 1947,¬†National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues¬†president¬†George Trautman¬†banned¬†Western Association¬†outfielder¬†Marion McElreath for attempting to bribe an opposing player to fix a game on May 4. 1947. in 1947, a report by¬†National Commission¬†president¬†William G. Bramham¬†found that five players in the¬†Evangeline League, a¬†minor league¬†based in¬†Louisiana, fixed several playoff games in 1946 for gambling purposes. For their role in the alleged plot, the five players‚ÄĒBill Thomas, Lanny Pecou, Alvin W. Kaiser, Paul Fugit and Don Vettorel‚ÄĒwere banned from¬†professional baseball¬†for life. An investigation of the alleged actions of the five players by¬†Society for American Baseball Research¬†writer George W. Hilton found little proof that there was any match-fixing. One of the accused players, Bill Thomas,¬†pitched¬†a perfect 5‚Äď0 record in the playoffs. Hilton conducted an interview with an unnamed player in the Evangeline League who claimed he was approached to be a part of the fixing scheme, but declined. The unnamed player contended that the plot failed, which was highlighted by one instance where a player who was in on the fix tried to strike out but made contact with the ball for a¬†double. Between 1969 and 1971, a series of events known as The Black Mist Scandal rocked Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) in Japan. It was revealed that several NPB players had been paid off to fix games for gamblers. Ten players were banned from the NPB for life with several other players receiving penalties ranging from salary cuts to suspensions.

Wiliams Abuda is our fixed match buyer joined to us with last hope to find real fixed match dealer after long time contacting wrong people who scammed him. He even said to us that he can’t trust anymore in fixed matches but when he see our website and listen a lot of good words about us from much people, he decided to try for last time. When matches who Mr.Wiliams recieved from us finished and won he decide with him won money to buy his first car and make video for advertisement to us. All visitors can check the video and see how legit is our organisation.¬†

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About our fixed matches offers and archives

Dear visitor, you can see on my website that I cooperating with two agents. Agent Mr.Ahmet who selling to me informations about correct score fixed matches and agent Mr.Hamilton who selling to me HT/FT Informations for fixed matches. Every agent post price who you should pay if you want that information!


sure fixed games HT/FT FIXED MATCH INFORMATIONS MR.HAMILTON sure fixed games


Payment is throught Western Union only or Hand to Hand payment only to pur paid managers in Skopje, North Macedonia! For location contact us.



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Agent Mr.Ahmet

Hello people, I’m Mr.Ahmet fixed match agent from Turkey. I cooperate with Mr.Dushan about correct score fixed matches long 8 years. Everyone who is realy interested can contact Mr.Dushan to buy informations or if someone have questions about this fixed matches informations can contact me or speak with my dealer Mr.Dushan.

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Miloje Radulovińá (Budva, Montenegro)

–ü–ĺ–∑–ī—Ä–į–≤ —ô—É–ī–ł, –Ņ–ł—ą–Ķ–ľ –ĺ–≤—É –ł–∑—ė–į–≤—É –ĺ Global-fixed-matches.com . –ě–Ĺ–ł —Ā—É —Ā–≤–Ķ –Ņ—Ä–ĺ–ľ–Ķ–Ĺ–ł–Ľ–ł —É –ľ–ĺ–ľ –∂–ł–≤–ĺ—ā—É —Ā–į–ľ–ĺ 4 –ľ–Ķ—Ā–Ķ—Ü–į, –∑–į—Ö–≤–į—ô—É—ė—É—õ–ł –úr.Dushan –ł —ö–Ķ–≥–ĺ–≤–ł–ľ –į–≥–Ķ–Ĺ—ā–ł–ľ–į Mr.Ahmet –ł –úr.Hamilton. –°–į–ī–į –ľ–ĺ–≥—É –ī–į –ł–ľ–į–ľ –ī–ĺ–Ī–į—Ä –ł –Ī–ĺ–≥–į—ā –∂–ł–≤–ĺ—ā

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Bonjour, je suis Hugo de France. Acheteur de correspondances manipulées et je suis très heureux de rencontrer cette personne qui m’a fait de gros bénéfices et maintenant, l’argent n’est plus un problème dans ma vie.

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Hi friends, my name is Gatimu Mwangi from Kenya. I’m buying HT/FT matches from Mr.Dushan long 7 months, god bless Mr.Dushan and Mr.Hamilton with all team!! I’m very happy and satisfied. Thank you

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E-mail: esmael_mohammadi@yahoo.com



2005 German football match-fixing scandal: In¬†January 2005, the¬†German Football Association¬†(DFB) and¬†German¬†prosecutors launched separate probes into charges that referee¬†Robert Hoyzer¬†bet on and fixed several matches that he worked, including a¬†German Cup¬†tie. Hoyzer later admitted to the allegations; it has been reported that he was involved with¬†Croat¬†gambling syndicates, and also implicated other referees and players in the match fixing scheme. The first arrests in the Hoyzer investigation were made on January 28 in¬†Berlin, and Hoyzer himself was arrested on February 12 after new evidence apparently emerged to suggest that he had been involved in fixing more matches than he had admitted to. Hoyzer has been banned for life from football by the DFB. On March 10, a second referee, Dominik Marks, was arrested after being implicated in the scheme by Hoyzer. Still later (March 24), it was reported that Hoyzer had told investigators that the gambling ring he was involved with had access to¬†UEFA’s referee assignments for international matches and¬†Champions League¬†and¬†UEFA Cup¬†fixtures several days before UEFA publicly announced them. Ultimately, Hoyzer was sentenced to serve 2 years and 5 months in prison.

In July 2005,¬†Italian¬†Serie B¬†champions¬†Genoa¬†was downgraded to last place in the division by the sporting justice, and therefore condemned to relegation in¬†Serie C1, after it was revealed that they bribed their opponents in the final match of the season,¬†Venezia¬†to throw the match. Club president Enrico Preziozi was banned for five years after being guilty by the sporting justice. Genoa won the match 3‚Äď2 and had apparently secured promotion to¬†Serie A.

Brazilian football match-fixing scandal: In September 2005, a¬†Brazilian¬†magazine revealed that two football referees,¬†Ed√≠lson Pereira de Carvalho¬†(a member of¬†FIFA’s referee staff) and Paulo Jos√© Danelon, had accepted bribes to fix matches. Soon afterwards, sport authorities ordered the replaying of 11 matches in the country’s top competition, the¬†Campeonato Brasileiro, that had been worked by Ed√≠lson. Both referees have been banned for life from football and face criminal charges. Brazilian supporters have taken to shout “Ed√≠lson” at a referee who they consider to have made a bad call against their team, in a reference to the scandal.

2008 The Fix: Book by Declan Hill alleges that in the 2006 World Cup, the group game between Ghana and Italy, the round-of-16 game between Ghana and Brazil, and the Italy-Ukraine quarter-final were all fixed by Asian gambling syndicates to whom the final scores were known in advance. The German Football Federation (DFB) and German Football League (DFL) looked into claims made in a Der Spiegel interview with Hill that two Bundesliga matches were fixed by William Bee Wah Lim a fugitive with a 2004 conviction for match-fixing.

2008: On October 1, it was reported that a¬†Spanish¬†judge who headed an investigation against¬†Russian Mafia¬†figures uncovered information alleging that the mobsters may have attempted to fix the¬†2007‚Äď08 UEFA Cup¬†semi-final¬†between¬†eventual champion¬†Zenit St. Petersburg and¬†Bayern Munich. Both clubs denied any knowledge of the alleged scheme. Prosecutors in the German state of¬†Bavaria, home to Bayern, later announced that they did not have enough evidence to justify a full investigation.

2008: On October 4, suspicious online betting on the game between¬†Norwich City¬†and¬†Derby County¬†led some to question the validity of the¬†Football League match. Gamblers in Asia were said to have placed a large amount of money down during halftime, which raised concerns over the outcome.¬†The inquiry by¬†The Football Association¬†found no evidence that would suggest the match was fixed.¬†Derby County ended up winning the match 2‚Äď1.

In November 2009, German police arrested 17 people on suspicion of fixing at least 200 soccer matches in 9 countries. Among the suspected games were those from the top leagues of Austria, Bosnia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, and Turkey, and games from the second highest leagues of Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland. Three contests from the Champions League were also under investigation, and 12 from the Europa League.

In June 2011, trials started for people allegedly involved in fixing¬†Finnish¬†football matches. One team,¬†Tampere United was indefinitely suspended from Finnish football for accepting payments from a person known for match-fixing. In July 2011, as part of a¬†major match-fixing investigation by authorities in Turkey, nearly 60 people suspected to be involved with fixing games were detained by ńįstanbul Police Department Organized Crime Control Bureau and then arrested by the court. The case did not come to a conclusion yet and the teams that are being accused of match-fixing are participating in the Turkish league currently. The¬†Match fixing investigations of Norwegian Second Division¬†saw Norway and Sweden arresting individuals in 2012, including players of¬†Follo FK¬†and¬†Asker Fotball. Operation VETO, a¬†Europol investigation announced in 2013 that identified 380 fixed association football matches in 15 countries. The¬†2013 Lebanese match-fixing scandal¬†involved 24 players, with two (Ramez Dayoub¬†and¬†Mahmoud El Ali) being banned from the sport for life. In December 2013, six people in Britain, including Blackburn forward¬†DJ Campbell, were arrested for¬†allegedly fixing football games. The arrests were made by the¬†National Crime Agency¬†after release of a report from¬†FederBet, a Brussels-based gambling¬†watchdog, an organization created by the online bookmakers to watch the¬†flow of bets across Europe. 2016, Zimbabwe Football Association¬†(ZIFA) president¬†Phillip Chiyangwa¬†gave a news conference where he accused the¬†Zimbabwe national football team¬†of fixing matches during the¬†African Nations Championship¬†in January. ZIFA executive committee member¬†Edzai Kasinauyo¬†was suspended for allegedly helping fix an upcoming match against¬†Swaziland.¬†Callisto Pasuwa, who was the¬†head coach¬†of Zimbabwe national team, was one of the¬†whistleblowers.

Amerrican Football

The¬†Canton Bulldogs‚ÄďMassillon Tigers betting scandal, which is recognized as the first major scandal in professional football history, unfolded after the 1906¬†Ohio League¬†championship series.¬†Canton Bulldogs¬†coach¬†Blondy Wallace¬†and¬†Massillon Tigers¬†end¬†Walter East¬†were accused of conspiring to fix the series.

In 1915, an unidentified gambler made an offer of $150 to¬†Multnomah Athletic Club¬†football player L. W. “Patsy” O’Rourke to throw the team’s annual¬†Thanksgiving¬†game against the¬†University of Oregon football¬†team. O’Rourke approached team captain Red Rupert about the bribe, and the information ultimately made its way to Multnomah’s coach. As a result, O’Rourke was benched for the game, which was a 15‚Äď2 victory for Oregon.

An attempt was made to fix the¬†1946 NFL Championship Game¬†between the¬†New York Giants¬†and the¬†Chicago Bears, in favor of the latter team. Alvin J. Paris was convicted of bribery in 1947 for soliciting Giants players¬†Frank Filchock¬†and¬†Merle Hapes. Harvey Stemmer and David “Pete” Karkower were also convicted of bribery for their involvement in the plot. The convictions were upheld on appeal in 1948.

In 1949, Daniel Opalka of¬†Massena, New York¬†was arrested for allegedly offering¬†Massena High School¬†football player David Walker $200 to fix the team’s upcoming game against¬†Saranac Lake High School. Opalka admitted to having a conversation with Walker about fixing the game, but said he was doing so in jest.