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Manuel (Spain,Zaragoza)

It is good to know that there are people like Mr.Dushan on the internet who want to help us punters. During all of my sports betting, I have never been able to do better than lost ticket… Finally I have been able to win with Mr.Dushans fixed matches. This guy’s information is spot on!

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Luka (Croatia, Split)

Greeting! My name is Luka Majič and I come from Croatia, Split. Just a few months ago I met Mr. Dusan, the owner of this website Global-fixed-matches.com. I decided to buy information about the exact result of the rigged matches and I did not regret it, I recommend everyone to contact Mr. Dushan and start making money.

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Abah (Nigeria, Ibadan)

I’m Abah , I have been following this company long time and I decided to buy a double fixed game from them. I can not bealive after the first win beacouse I never won such money on betting. I have been eorking with Mr.Dushan one year and if you want to make big money do not waste time just contact him.

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Domenico (Italy, Naples)

I dont know how he does it but his tips are top notch, amazing results. I get the latest info from Connor and it has helped me to get a long way in repairing my bankroll

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Mattia (Switzerland, Zurich)

I am Mattia from Switzerland, a long-time satisfied customer of Global-fixed-matches.com, all praise for this company, Greetings from Zuricsh Switzerland

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Yankobah (Nigeria, Onitsha)

Just invested in this company and change life to rich to the end of my life. I have used my last cash to buy double fixed matches from this company and when game end I won money who I can’t get 365 days with working 24/7.

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Kamogelo (South Africa, Worcester)

Thank’s to god I finnaly found real fixed match dealer after losing thousands euros from fake people. Mr.Dushan is man who sticks to his words god bless him and his family, I’m writing this comment to help everyone interested in investing to the team of  Global-fixed-matches.

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Declan (Kenya, Nairobi)

Greetings! When i was in the bad situation god sent to me Mr.Dushan, I do not have enought money for his informations but I trusted him and I use my last chance and I picked up loan from bank to buy informations about HT/FT. My first won were solid beacouse I do not had much money to stake the match, but when I won I had enought cash to purchase bigger odd and I bought Correct score fixed match who made mi big cash which I need for my sick daughter. God bless you Mr.Dushan

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Ibrahim (Turkey, Ankara)

Been looking at any way possible to make profits with football betting and I finally found Global-Fixed-Matches.com! This company has been making me a lot of money, and now I can say with certainty that I found the real deal.

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Ibrahim (Turkey, Ankara)

After 6 times being scammed from different websites I decided to try my last chance with this company Global-fixed-matches.com and I contacted Mr.Dushan (the dealer of this company). I have choosed Mr.Hamiltons Halftime/Fulltime fixed matches for the first time beacouse his price is lower and after won I bought Mr.Ahmets Correct Score. Imade right decision with both offers from this company and till today they do not made me any loose in betting.

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Amandi (Nigeria, Kano)

Dear friends, this company Global-fixed-matches put point of scamming for fixed matches and this company made me rich for only 2 months. This is the first real fixed match seller who I meet coincidentally while browsing on internet about fixed matches.

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Emily (Australia, Perth)

As a result of my wish to find a real fixed matches online I have lost a lot of money, but when I thought that I will never find a real dealer I meet this website Global-fixed-matches.com. Mister Dushan helped me to won enough money to pay all my loans and make very good and hight profit for short period of time, regards!

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Abiade and Lenu (Nigeria,Ibadan)

From our young years me and my brother had a very hard and poor life with our family. Before 5 months we started thinking about this business who can help us.We borrowed money from some people and we payed amount who Mr.Hamilton post about HT/FT fixed match information to Mr.Dushan as his dealer. Now we living very rich life thanks to this company. Thank you!!

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Mahmoud (Egypt, Qena)

6 months ago I contacted this person who make me rich for really short time. I didn’t bealive in this before but after first big won I started to bealive in this person Dushan and his agents Mr.Ahmet and Mr.Hamilton. If you are interested to cooperate with this safe source contact Mr.Dushan for more details.

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Miloje (Montenegro, Budva)

Поздрав људи, пишем ову изјаву о Global-fixed-matches.com . Они су све променили у мом животу само 4 месеца, захваљујући Мr.Dushan и његовим агентима Mr.Ahmet и Мr.Hamilton. Сада могу да имам добар и богат живот

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Georgi (Bulgaria, Pleven)

Здравейте на всички, аз съм Георги Андонов от България. След първата победа от правилните резултати, които ми даде Душан за голяма цена, направих печалба, за да си купя нова добра кола и да поправя някои проблеми в къщата си. Не мога да се радвам в очите си, че намирам истински

E-Mail: ggeorgiandonov@gmail.com

Hugo (France, Toulouse)

Bonjour, je suis Hugo de France. Acheteur de correspondances manipulées et je suis très heureux de rencontrer cette personne qui m’a fait de gros bénéfices et maintenant, l’argent n’est plus un problème dans ma vie.

E-mail: hugonnie22@gmail.com

Gatimu (Kenya, Mombasa)

Hi friends, my name is Gatimu from Kenya. I’m buying HT/FT matches from Mr.Dushan long 7 months, god bless Mr.Dushan and Mr.Hamilton with all team!! I’m very happy and satisfied. Thank you

E-mail: gatimu_mwangi@yahoo.com

Kouakou (Ivory Coast, Abidjan)

I looked at numerous tipster sites and eventually choosed global-fixed-matches.com because they seemed to be the most real and didn’t attribute their success to some miracle solution they had found. Well, I’m certainly glad I chose to join this site. I’m winning bets like crazy and now have a bankroll bigger than ever before.

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Noah (USA, Texas)

Greetings from Texas, my name is Noah correct score fixed match buyer long 3 years. I were in doubt before I contacted this man but he change my life and now I reccomend him to everyone.


Salam (India, Kadiri)

I found this company and I bought correct score fixed matches. I have bet on high amount even thought it was for the very first time with this company. I have done that beacouse many proofs showed that this company is legit. I didn’t regret it, I have won a lot!

E-mail: singhsalam65@gmail.com

Emmanuel (Uganda, Kampala)

Good day from Kampala! To all who hesitate to join Global-fixed-matches.com or not, I have only words of praise. This is the most accurate and safe website for football fixed matches!

E-mail: emmanuel_mukasa@yahoo.com

Fixed Matches 100% Sure

COSTUMER E-MAIL: wiliamsabuda445@gmail.com

Firstly welcome to our company Global-Fixed-Matches.com, company online her for you since 2019! Our company is based on 2 main agents and one dealer (Mr.Dushan). Our tips are based on information for injury players, suspended players, financial situation at the club and 3 for 3 games. Be part of the winning team!! We guarantee massive winnings with our Accurate Fixed Matches 100% that are justiffiable based on previous records and living testimonials. If you are looking for safe fixed matches to make easy and safe profit without risk you are on the right place. Here below we offer you to choose which offer you want:

The world of football betting is a very risky place where everyone hustles to register for betting sites and place risky bets that often end with tears, regret and anger. Accepted payment methods: Neteller, MoneyGram, Bitcoin (all cryptocurrency), MPESA Global, Western Union, PayPal, Skrill, Ria Transfer Money, Ukash, Payooner, VISA and Master Card.

Accurate Fixed Matches 100%


E-mail support: mrdushan@yahoo.com
WhatsApp support: +389 77 860 028

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– We exchange info with top football tips analysts. We take part from the restricted forums, were the normal guy can’t take part. We have partners in countries like: England, Italy, Germany, Norway, Turkey, Brazil, Portugal and many more. We often exchange information with top analysts around the world. We help them, they help us.

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