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About our fixed matches offers and archives

Dear visitor, you can see on my website that I cooperating with two agents and one Insider. Agent Mr.Ahmet who selling to me informations about correct score fixed matches, agent Mr.Hamilton who selling to me HT/FT Informations for fixed matches and Insider Ratko Radulovic who selling to me double fixed matches. Every agent post price who you should pay if you want that information!



sure fixed games HT/FT FIXED MATCH INFORMATIONS MR.HAMILTON sure fixed games

Payment is throught Western Union only or Hand to Hand payment only for double fixed matches from Ratko Radulovic in Bosnia & Herzegovina (Banja Luka)



Click on this button to get in touch with us quickly or simple save our number +389 77 860 028 and contact us on WhatsApp or on our E-mail: mr.dushan23@gmail.com


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All this experience allows us to finance such matches and give them to you as well. The matches we offer you are exclusively agreed between the two clubs, both for their interest and for our investor! For this reason, the chances of a FALL DO NOT EXIST, INVEST your money in the reliable information we offer you and thus provide yourself with a secure profit. We can unselfishly say that with us you will not know about the decline. Here is video who sent our satisfied buyer Giovanni Espossito from Italy, Rome

Totall win: 5700 euros


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Personality meet and conversation in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Banja Luka) 📍

            sure fixed games            











For any questions contact me on my E-mail adress: ratkoinsider354@yahoo.com ✉️

To buy informations from me contact my dealer on WhatsApp +389 77 860 028 📞

Video sending our satisfied buyer after correct score fixed match played 15/08/2020

Hamzi Badali is our correct score fixed match buyer from today 15/08/2020, we are very happy from our new investors from Swidzerland. We have many years of experience behind us, which enables us to supply INFORMATION about agreed matches through football investment funds, which we are all there to earn together. Among the members of our team are former football coaches, managers, and of course players !!!

All this experience allows us to finance such matches and give them to you as well. The matches we offer you are exclusively agreed between the two clubs, both for their interest and for our investor! For this reason, the chances of a FALL DO NOT EXIST, INVEST your money in the reliable information we offer you and thus provide yourself with a secure profit. We can unselfishly say that with us you will not know about the decline. Here is video who sent our satisfied buyer Hamzi Badali from swidzerland.

This is screen recording from our WhatsApp conversation

Contact us on WhatsApp +389 77 860 028 (call/message) 24/7

Satisfied costumer from correct score fixed match who played on 08.08.2020 sent us proof from his profit (click on images for real proof)





Here is screenshoot from conversation with costumer at the moment when we send the matches and here is screenshoot when match end and he sent us video with his win money (check the match in FlashScore and see the result of match





Check the video to see his win profit

Contact us on WhatsApp +389 77 860 028 (call/message) 24/7


Satisfied buyer from (Russia, Ufa)                                                                        HT/FT 29/07/2020

Video coming from our satisfied buyer in Russia. Our costumer not know speaking english very nice so he decide to make the video with Russian language. Ilshat is our young investor who investing in our HT/FT fixed mattches. Thanks to Ilshat for this video, and we hope for long time cooperation with him too. Everyone can contact our costumer and loyal buyer Mr.Ilshat on his personall e-mail to speak with him or deal with him personality conversation in Ufa . He can help you and explain you all procedures to beacome our costumer or simple everyone can contact us on WhatsApp +389 77 860 028. Mr.Ilshat showed to visitors his e-mail and last HT/HT fixed matches who he recieve from us and played on 29/07/2020 so everyone who know Russian language can contact him on his personall e-mail.

Costumer e-mail: Ilshat9993@gmail.com                  Contact us +389 77 860 028 WhatsApp

Satisfied costumer from Graz, Austria                                                    Correct score 26/09/2020

Video sending Milena Petrovic, satisfied costumer joined our company last week. She is our Serbian costumer but she live in Graz Austria and she made this video to show how it's look like to cooperate with us! She made good decision and he started cooperation with correct score fixed match information without any doubt! Greetings to our costumer Milena and all visitors who are following us from Austria!

Get in touch with us: WhatsApp +389 77 860 028 📞 call / message 24/7 online

Correct score fixed matches

If you are looking for real and accurate information about buying and betting a correct score fixed match directly from inside club information, you are on the right place. GFM is a company registered in North Macedonia and owned by Mr.Dushan that is the only one legal company for selling fixed correct score matches form first hand info.


Informations provided by Mr.Ahmet


Contact dealer Mr.Dushan

E-mail: mr.dushan23@gmail.com

Whatsapp:+389 77 860 028

Accepted payment methods by Global-fixed-matches are:

Western Union, Moneygram, Paypal, Skrill, UKASH, Neteller, Bitcoin and RIA Money transfer.

payment methods italy fixed match

Satisfied buyer from (Russia, Moscow)

Contact him on on his personal E-mailigoshinartem40@gmail.com

CORRECT SCORE 26.09.2020 Saturday

(click on the image to see conversation with agent)



Here is screenshoot from conversation with agent at the moment when we recieve the matches and here is screenshoot for how match end (check the match in FlashScore and see the result of match






Video proof fixed match 26.09.2020

Contact +389 77 860 028 WhatsApp


All big players who know that life is a game that live off betting with our contract you can get sure matches with large quotas. Information is coming from paid agent Mr.Hamilton and is confirmed from both sides of clubs. Information is 100% sure and safe for bet!

Satisfied buyer from (India, Kolkata)

Contact him on on his personal E-mail: //Privacy// (person didn’t allow any contact for visitors)

GLOBAL FIXED MATCHES will give you access for all information, for all fixed matches. All interested buyers can participate.

Informations provided by Mr.Hamilton

Next Fixed Match will be played on:

Sunday 04 October 2020

Half Time / Full Time 1 / 2 or 2 / 1 • The game is over 20 to 50 odd maximum • Safety: 100% sure to win

» For price contact us.

 » Payment is before match !

 » Contact: mr.dushan23@gmail.com

 » Contact (Whats App): +389 77 860 028 (24/7 Online)

 • Number of buyers is limited ! The match is with high reliability it is 100% SURE we guarantee that. We are leading a way of business where clients can’t make any kind of lose.

HT/FT FIXED MATCH 20.09.2020 Sunday

(Click on the image to see conversation with agent)



Here is screenshoot from conversation with agent at the moment when we recieve the matches and here is screenshoot for how match end (check the match in FlashScore and see the result of match







Video proof fixed match 27.09.2020

Contact +389 77 860 028 WhatsApp

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Fixed matches
Banner Legit Fixed Matches FIXED MATCHES
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Fixed matches true best soccer fixed matches




EUROPE: Champions League- Qualification

MATCH: Midtyilland vs Slavia Prague – Under 2.5 (1.63) FT: ?? (21:00 european time)
MATCH: Paok vs Krasnodar – 1 (2.10) FT: ?? (21:00 european time)
MATCH: Salzburg vs Maccabi Tel Aviv – Under 4.5 (1.45) FT: ?? (21:00 european time)




fixing matches tomorrow


fixing matches tomorrow

fixed matches

Fixed football match Your image is loading...
zulu-bet1x2 SLOVENIA FIXED MATCHES best fixed matches
WIN BETTING maestro-dzaro


ENGLAND:NPL Premier Division

MATCH: Hyde vs FC United – Over 2.5 (1.40) FT: 2:2 (20:45 european time) win
MATCH: Nantwich vs Buxton – Over 2.5 (1.57) FT: 2:1 (20:45 european time) win
MATCH: Lancaster vs Morpeth – Over 2.5 (1.63) FT: 2:2 (20:45 european time) win

EUROPE: Champions League- Qualification

MATCH: Dyn. Kyiv vs Gent – 1 (1.85) FT: 3:0 (21:00 european time) win
MATCH: Ferencvaros vs Molde – Over 2.5 (1.75) FT: 0:0 (21:00 european time)
MATCH: Omonia vs Olympiacos Piraeus – Over 1.5 (1.34) FT: 0:0 (21:00 european time)


MATCH: Tottenham vs Chelsea – BTS yes (1.67) FT: 1:1 (20:45 european time) win


MATCH: Real Sociedad vs Valencia– 1 (1.57) FT: 0:1 (19:00 european time)
MATCH: Getafe vs Betis – 1 (2.20) FT: 3:0 (21:30 european time) win


ENGLAND: Premier League

MATCH: Liverpool vs Arsenal – BTS yes (1.67) FT: 3:1 (21:00 european time) win
MATCH: Fulham vs Aston Vila – Half time X (2.10) HT: 0:2 (18:45 european time)

ITALY: Serie: A

MATCH: Bologna vs Parma – 1 (1.95) FT: 4:1 (20:45 european time) win


AUSTRALIA: NPL South Australian

MATCH: Queensland Lions vs Brisbane U21 – 1 (1.28) FT: 4:0 (08:00 european time) win
MATCH: Sunshine Coast W. vs Peninsula – BTS yes (1.45) FT: 1:4 (08:00 european time) win
MATCH: Gold Coast vs Eastern Suburbs – 1 (2.30) FT: 1:1 (08:30 european time)


AUSTRALIA: NPL South Australian

MATCH: Adelaide Comets vs Adelaide Raiders – 1 (1.75) FT: 4:0 (07:30 european time) win
MATCH: Adelaide U21 vs Blue Eagles – half time X (2.45) FT: 1:1 (07:30 european time) win
MATCH: NE Metrostars vs Croydon Kings – Over 2.5 (1.53) FT: 1:5 (07:30 european time) win


CHINA: Super League

MATCH: Shanghai SIPG vs Beijing Guoana – 1 (2.45) FT: 1:0 (14:00 european time) win
MATCH: Shijiazhuang vs Chonnging Lifan – 2 (2.25) FT: 1:4 (14:00 european time) win
MATCH: Wuhan Zall vs Hebei – 2 (2.37) FT: 0:2 (14:00 european time) win


EUROPE: Europa League – Qualification

MATCH: Besiktas vs Rio Ave – 1 (2.00) FT: 1:1 (19:00 european time)
MATCH: Charleroi vs Partizan – Over 1.5 (1.30) FT: 1:1 (19:00 european time) win
MATCH: Djurgaden vs CFR Cluj – 2 (1.90) FT: 0:1 (19:00 european time) win



MATCH: Fulham vs Sheffield Wed – Over 2.5 (1.90) FT: 2:0 (20:00 european time)
MATCH: Millwall vs Burnley – 2 (2.55) FT: 0:2 (20:00 european time) win
MATCH: Preston vs Brighton – Half time X (2.10) HT: 0:0 (20:00 european time) win



MATCH: Newport vs Watford – Half time X (2.30) HT: 2:0 (20:00 european time)
MATCH: West Brom vs Brentford – BTS yes (1.78) FT: 2:2 (20:00 european time) win
MATCH: West Ham vs Hull – 1 (1.40) FT: 5:1 (20:30 european time) win

EUROPE: Champions League-Qualification

MATCH: Krasnodar vs Paok – Over 2.5 (2.13) FT: 2:1 (21:00 european time) win
MATCH: Maccabi Tel Aviv vs Salzburg – BTS yes (2.17) FT: 1:2 (21:00 european time) win
MATCH: Slavia Prague vs Midtjylland – Over 2.5 (2.15) FT: 0:0 (21:00 european time)


SWEDEN: Allsvenskan-Round 11

MATCH: Elfsborg vs Hacken – Over 1.5 (1.70) FT: 1:1 (19:00 european time) win
MATCH: Mjallby vs Orebro – Half time X (2.20) HT: 0:0 (19:00 european time) win
MATCH: Sirius vs Falkenbergs – 1 (1.60) FT: 2:1 (19:00 european time) win
MATCH: Varbergs vs Helsingborg – 1 (2.05) FT: 1:3 (19:00 european time)

Conditions to get Halfftime/Fulltime Match

Only 18+ Older can get Halftime/fulltime match

18+ Players are only allowed for this offer to get please otherwise don’t contact us or call us. We don’t give this offer for free. Please only serious clients can contact us, dont waist eachother time asking free or trial.

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Archive for HT/FT fixed matches

Date Match Information HT/FT WIN/LOSE
11.05.2019 Din.Vranje-Spartak Subotica 2/1 0:1/2:1 WIN
13.05.2019 Saprissa-San Carlos 2/X 0:1/1:1 WIN
15.05.2019 Buducnost-Grbalj 2/1 1:2/5:3 WIN
17.05.2019 Energetik BGU-FC Minsk 1/X 1:0/3:3 WIN
19.05.2019 UE Engordany-Inter Club Escaldez 1/X 1:0/1:1 WIN
20.05.2019 Verdal-Rosenborg 2 1/2 1:0/0:2 WIN
21.05.2019 Cittadela-Benevento 1/2 1:0/1:2 WIN
22.05.2019 Kauno Zalgiris-Stumbars 2/1 1:3/4:3 WIN
23.05.2019 The Strongest-Always Ready 2/1 1:2/3:2 WIN
24.05.2019 Bolnisi-Rostavi 2/X 0:2/3:3 WIN
25.05.2019 Zeta-Lovcen 2/1 0:1/3:2 WIN
26.05.2019 AC Wolfsberger-Sturm Graz 2/1 0:1/2:1 WIN
28.05.2019 Chita-Omsk 1/2 1:0/0:2 WIN
31.05.2019 USK Anif-Bischofshofen 2/1 0:2/9:2 WIN
02.06.2010 Vikingur-Skala Itrottarfelag 2/1 0:1/2:1 WIN
05.06.2019 Liverpool M.-Cerro CA 2/X 0:2/2:2 WIN
08.06.2019 Katovice-Cesky Krumlov 2/1 0:1/2:1 WIN
14.06.2019 Cesky Krumlov-Trebon 2/X 0:1/1:1 WIN
16.06.2019 Kapa-Honka Akatemia 1/2 1:0/1:2 WIN
18.06.2019 Tbilisy City-Zugdidi 2/1 0:1/3:1 WIN
21.06.2019 PSS Sleman-Bhayangakara UTD 2/X 0:1/1:1 WIN
26.06.2019 Lahden Reipas-Klubi 04 1/X 1:0/1:1 WIN
01.07.2019 PSIM Yogyakarta-Persik Kediri 1/2 1:0/1:2 WIN
05.07.2019 Zalgiris-Riteriai 2/1 0:1/2:1 WIN
09.07.2019 Armavir-Krsnador 2/1 0:1/2:1 WIN
12.07.2019 Levanger-Arendal 2/1 0:1/4:3 WIN
17.07.2019 La Eguidad-Royal Pari 2/1 0:1/2:1 WIN
21.07.2019 Magpies Crusaders-Olympic FC 2/1 1:3/4:3 WIN
26.07.2019 SC Weiche 08-Wolfsburg 2 1/2 1:0/1:2 WIN
01.08.2019 Viitorul Constanta-Gent 2/1 0:1/2:1 WIN
05.08.2019 Lyngby-Aarhus 2/1 0:1/2:1 WIN
11.08.2019 Szolnoki-Balmazujvaros Sport 2/1 0:1/2:1 WIN
13.08.2019 Stockport-Barrow 2/1 0:1/3:2 WIN
16.08.2019 Innsbruck-FC Juniors 2/1 0:1/2:1 WIN
25.08.2019 Leknes-Lillestrom 2 1/2 2:1/2:9 WIN
31.08.2019 Stjarnan-Hafnarfjordur 1/2 1:0/1:3 WIN
11.09.2019 Vasco U20-Fluminense U20 2/1 0:1/2:1 WIN
24.09.2019 Tallina Kalev-Kalju 1/2 1:0/1:2 WIN
06.10.2019 Varnsdorf-Vlasim 2/1 0:1/2:1 WIN
16.10.2019 Persija Jakarta-Padang 1/2 1:0/1:2 WIN
26.10.2019 Chrudim-Dukla Prag 2/1 1:2/3:2 WIN
30.10.2019 Niort-Toulouse 1/2 1:0/1:2 WIN
05.11.2019 Bor.Dortmund-Inter 2/1 0:2/3:2 WIN
14.11.2019 Freiburg II (Ger)-Hoffenheim (Ger) 2/1 0:1/2:1 WIN
24.11.2019 Silkeborg-Esbjerg 1/2 1:0/1:2 WIN
02.12.2019 Rimini-Ravenna 1/2 1:0/1:2 WIN
17.12.2019 Marbella-Guijuelo 2/1 0:1/2:1 WIN
25.12.2019 Al Wehdat (Jor)-Dar Al Dawaa (Jor) 2/1 0:2/4:3 WIN
03.01.2020 Osasco Audax U20-Moto Club U20 2/1 1:2/4:3 WIN
11.01.2020 Gornik Z.(Pol)-Ostrava (Cze) 2/1 0:1/2:1 WIN
22.01.2020 Hibernian-Hamilton 2/1 0:1/2:1 WIN
08.02.2020 Fiorentina-Atalanta 1/2 1:0/1:2 WIN
15.02.2020 Int.Zapresic-Varazdin 1/2 1:0/1:2 WIN
22.02.2020 Preston-Hull 2/1 0:1/2:1 WIN
02.03.2020 Jong AZ-Almere 2/1 0:1/3:1 WIN
14.03.2020 Al Dhafra-Al Wahda 1/2 1:0/1:2 WIN
27.03.2020 Postponed // // //
02.05.2020  Vitebsk 2-Slavia Mozyr 2 2/X 0:1/1:1 WIN
09.05.2020  Neman-Rukh Brest 2/2 0:2/2:4 WIN
16.05.2020 Belshina 2-Vitebsk 2 2/X 1:2/3:3 WIN
24.05.2020 FC Koln-F.Dusseldorf 2/X 0:1/2:2 WIN
31.05.2020 1860 Munchen-Duisburg 2/1 0:1/3:2 WIN
07.06.2020 A.Klagenfurt-Kapfenberg 2/1 0:1/3:2 WIN
14.06.2020 Hertberg-Sturm Graz 1/2 1:0/1:2 WIN
21.06.2020 Darmstadt-Wehen 2/1 0:1/3:1 WIN
28.06.2020 Jagiellonia-Lechia 1/2 1:0/1:2 WIN
05.07.2020 Inter-Bologna 1/2 1:0/1:2 WIN
19.07.2020  Brescia-Spall 2/1 0:1/2:1 WIN
  2 FIXED MATCHES FOR 29.07      
29.07.2020 Aalesund-Start 2/1 1:2/3:2 WIN
29.07.2020 Jonkopings-Sundsvall 1/X 2:1/3:3 WIN
02.08.2020 Zhodino-BATE 2/1 1:2/3:2 WIN
09.08.2020 Karvina B-Bohumin 1/2 1:0/1:2 WIN
16.08.2020  Charlotte Independ-Memphis 2/1 0:1/3:2 WIN
23.08.2020 Chiba-Tokushima 1/2 1:0/1:2 WIN
30.08.2020  Vojvodina-Partizan 2/1 0:1/3:1 WIN
06.09.2020 Schott Mainz-Stadtallendorf 2/1 0:2/4:2 WIN
13.09.2020  Moreton Bay Utd-Queensland Lions 2/1 0:1/2:1 WIN
20.09.2020  Sydney Utd-Marconi Stallions 2/1 0:1/2:1 WIN
27.09.2020  Sagamihara-Toyama 2/1 1:2/3:2 WIN
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Correct score offer

We are the first real company since 2012 who selling correct score fixed matches. Informations are from first hand and chance for lose is impossible. A lot of satisfied costumers show us vides for promothing our work and say you their experience with us. We start selling fixed matches when our business partners agree to post a lot of agents is several leagues who will send us informations for every game. Invest clever on our work and change your life to better, don't miss chances for rich life

-Every fixed match buyer must have 18+ years

-Don't sharing our fixed match after buying

-No free no paying after, deals for matches mustn't have not serious person

-Speak only English,Serbian or Macedonian language

Correct score fixed matches archive

Date Match Corect score FT WIN/LOSE
10.04.2019 Auerbach-Eurfurt 5:2 5:2 WIN
17.04.2019 Dukla Prague U19-Brno U19 5:1 5:1 WIN
19.04.2019 AS Roma U19-Torino U19 5:0 5:0 WIN
04.05.2019 River Plate-Aldosivi 6:0 6:0 WIN
15.05.2019 Excelsior-Az Alkmaar 4:2 4:2 WIN
17.05.2019 Lens-Orleans 5:2 5:2 WIN
19.05.2019 Always Ready-Oriente Petrolero 5:0 5:0 WIN
20.05.2019 Hajduk Split 2-Bijelo Brdo 3:3 3:3 WIN
21.05.2019 Jelgava-Spartaks 0:3 0:3 WIN
22.05.2019 Visoko-Bratstvo Gracanica 1:4 1:4 WIN
23.05.2019 Haukar-Throttur 2:4 2:4 WIN
24.05.2019 PSM Makassar-Badak Lampung 4:0 4:0 WIN
25.05.2019 Iskra-Rudar 5:1 5:1 WIN
26.05.2019 Dep.Municipal-Molinos El Pirata 5:0 5:0 WIN
30.05.2019 DC United-Chicago Fire 3:3 3:3 WIN
04.06.2019 R.Oviedo-Rayo Mayadohonda 4:3 4:3 WIN
07.06.2019 Velka Bites-Nove Sady 5:0 5:0 WIN
08.06.2019 Vysehrad-Litomericko 7:1 7:1 WIN
12.06.2019 Autotrans-Smorgon 0:6 0:6 WIN
14.06.2019 Kauno Zalgiris-Zalgiris 3:4 3:4 WIN
16.06.2019 Tuchlovice-Porici .n S. 0:6 0:6 WIN
18.06.2019 Western Pride-Olympic FC 1:4 1:4 WIN
21.06.2019 BFA Vilnius-Zalgiris 2  5:3 5:3 WIN
24.06.2018 Njardvik-Haukar 1:5 1:5 WIN
02.07.2019 Peninsula-Olympic FC 3:4 3:4 WIN
06.07.2019 Yate Town-Bristol Towers 1:10 1:10 WIN
09.07.2019 Selangor United-UKM 2:6 2:6 WIN
12.07.2019 Frickley-East.S 2:6 2:6 WIN
18.07.2019 Parnu JK Vaprus-JK Jarve 5:2 5:2 WIN
22.07.2019 Hammarby-Elfsborg 5:2 5:2 WIN
25.07.2019 Gent-Viitorul Constanta 6:3 6:3 WIN
30.07.2019 Ashdod-H.Tel Aviv 3:2 3:2 WIN
04.08.2019 Vejle-Nykobing 2:4 2:4 WIN
12.08.2019 Lillestrom-Mjondalen 3:2 3:2 WIN
17.08.2019 Bohemians 1905-Sigma Olomouc 3:2 3:2 WIN
26.08.2019 Horsens-Aalborg 0:5 0:5 WIN
02.09.2019 Seattle Sounders-Los Angeles G. 4:3 4:3 WIN
10.09.2019 Zamora-Estudiantes Caracas 6:1 6:1 WIN
21.09.2019 Juve Stabia-Ascoli 1:5 1:5 WIN
08.10.2019 Buxton-Grantham 7:0 7:0 WIN
15.10.2019 VFB Huls (Ger)-Vogelheimer (Ger) 8:2 8:2 WIN
22.10.2019 Chennai City (Ind)-Terengganu (Mys) 3:5 3:5 WIN
04.11.2019 Jong Dordrecht-Jong Sittard 3:4 3:4 WIN
12.11.2019 Walsall-Forest Green 6:0 6:0 WIN
26.11.2019 Chesterfield-Hartlepool 1:5 1:5 WIN
06.12.2019 Al Rayyan-Al Sadd 0:6 0:6 WIN
18.12.2019 Cagliari U19-Verona U19 1:6 1:6 WIN
28.12.2019 East Fife-Raith 3:5 3:5 WIN
08.01.2020 BFC Dynamo (Ger)-Rathenow (Ger) 5:2 5:2 WIN
15.01.2020 Erzurum BB-Besiktas 3:2 3:2 WIN
28.01.2020 Ajman-Bani Yas 1:4 1:4 WIN
14.02.2020 Hap.Ramat Gan-Sakhnin 1:5 1:5 WIN
29.02.2020 F.Amager-Fredericia 4:2 4:2 WIN
07.03.2020 Chrobry Glogow-Tychy 5:1 5:1 WIN
21.03.2020 Postponed // // //
03.05.2020 Vitebsk-Slavia Mozyr 2:3 2:3 WIN
10.05.2020 Dnepr Mogliev-Viktoria.Mar.Gorka 9:1 9:1 WIN
16.05.2020 Volna Pinsk-Chimik Svetlogorsk 4:2 4:2 WIN
23.05.2020 Osnabruck-Hannover 2:4 2:4 WIN
30.05.2020 Baranovici-Chayka Zelva 13:0 13:0 WIN
06.06.2020 Zwickau-Hallescher 5:1 5:1 WIN
13.06.2020 Hertha-E.Frankfurt 1:4 1:4 WIN
20.06.2020 Vsechovice-Valasske.M 6:3 6:3 WIN
27.06.2020 Austria Vienna-St.Polten 2:5 2:5 WIN
04.07.2020 Vysehrad-Brno 2:7 2:7 WIN
  2 FIXED MATCHES FOR 17.07.2020      
17.07.2020 Huddersfield-WBA 2:1 2:1 WIN
17.07.2020 West Ham-Watford 3:1 3:1 WIN
27.07.2020 Perugia-Trapani 1:2 1:2 WIN
01.08.2020 Voderady-Soporna 0:11 0:11 WIN
  2 FIXED MATCHES FOR 02.08.2020      
02.08.2020 FK Haugesund-Stabaek IF 3:1 3:1 WIN
02.08.2020 Anorthosis Famagusta-Apoel N. 1:1 1:1 WIN
08.08.2020 Nagoya-Urawa 6:2 6:2 WIN
15.08.2020 IFK Hassleholm-Asarums 3:4 3:4 WIN
22.08.2020 Vyskov-Dolni Benesov 5:2 5:2 WIN
29.08.2020 Armadale-Perth Glory U21 5:2 5:2 WIN
05.09.2020 Orgryte-Norrby 2:0 2:0 WIN
12.09.2020 Eastern Suburbs-Capalada FC 10:2 10:2 WIN
19.09.2020 Glenrochy Knights-Kingborough L. 7:0 7:0 WIN
26.09.2020 South Hobart-Olympia Warriors 3:6 3:6 WIN
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Здравейте на всички, аз съм Георги Андонов от България. След първата победа от правилните резултати, които ми даде Душан за голяма цена, направих печалба, за да си купя нова добра кола и да поправя някои проблеми в къщата си. Не мога да се радвам в очите си, че намирам истински

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